Congratulations on XFNANO graphene dispersion production line putting into operation

2017/9/15 13:46:44

Graphene dispersion production line with annual production capacity of 1000 tons, independently researched by XFNANO, has been completed and put into operation in September 2017. Herein, XFNANO has been able to produce 50 tons of high quality graphene powder and 1000 tons of graphene dispersion, which marking XFNANO formally entry into large-scale industrial production phase of graphene powder and dispersion.

Through more than 9 months of preparation works, including construction, commissioning etc., the production line of XFNANO graphene dispersion was successfully launched in September 2017. The new production line possesses advanced and environmental friendly graphene production process, intelligent manufacturing equipments and standard test apparatuses, to ensure product quality meeting customers'requiries. The commissioning of two graphene production lines will create a new pattern of graphene in thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, mechanical enhancement, lubrication and other application areas. This will also be another milestone in the development of XFNANO.

Graphene related products of XFNANO, mianly focus on the high-end market, have been purchased by many companies at home and abroad and successfully applied to industrial downstream products at present. As an international advanced graphene material manufacturer and technical service provider, XFNANO will continue to forge ahead and create a brilliant future for graphene applications.